Personal Statement: How Theatre Has Shaped My Life

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Personal Statement Theatre has shaped my life in so many ways and made the person I am today. I was shy and quiet person that never did anything , I was not confident. At a young age I never believed in myself because other people told me “ I wasn’t good enough”. The fact is I wasn’t like the other boys like my age the ones that played sports all the time I found that boring and that it wasn't my passion.I wanted to be different, do my own thing but, my dad had other plans he enrolled me in a soccer team in which I never attended.Then I started to think , Why am I different , I come from family that loved to play sports and am the only one who doesn’t . I was bullied almost everyday at school and even with my own cousin, destroying myself confidence and ripping apart every little piece of self esteem this stopped me from finding my…show more content…
Not getting involved with any after school activities and not enjoying my once in a lifetime school experience. I wish I could have done more stuff in my early years or at least join anaheim achieves.When I joined theatre , the best decision of my life, that's when I started to do all the after school activities and with doing all that leaded me to fall in love with theatre. All my hard work had paid off when I was accepted to advance theatre and that class we were involved with everything. with everything at school . It such a magical thing to work on stuff and rehearsal just to perform in front of a audience seeing them smiling and clapping because they enjoyed the show. As a actor those experince are the reasons why I do thThe best experience I had since joining theatre was when I performed for the audience then I see and hear people, smiling and clapping because they enjoyed our performance. These experience and wonderful memories are the reasons why people do theatre and the families we make forever long lasting

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