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Human Recourse Management fascinates for me for the dynamism and challenge that it provides. A vital cog in the machinery of any business to maximize employee productivity, it is an interdisciplinary field relevant to the knowledge in policies and industries, business environment, organizational culture, essential skills in negotiation and leadership. I am hugely interested in grasping HRM knowledge for further integration with strategy consulting and management, which will be essential for establishing my career path.

My first degree in International Communication Studies, which places great emphasis on analytical and highly interdisciplinary approach, has cultivated me with the literacy of communication, a significant quality needed for a practitioner in media and culture. I believe these skills are applicable to many disciplines but they fit particularly well with HR work, which enable me to use thorough knowledge in HRM to interactively think of the relationship between the company and employers to solve complex problems. What I have learnt during the undergraduate study is not only about the
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From the course Marketing Management, I acquired fundamental understanding in strategic management and key analytical skills in evaluating clients’ needs, leading on to my further consideration on the dynamic between internal and external needs, as well as decision-making. I still remember how Michael Porter’s Five Forces was used to analyze the cases of Nike and Adidas in Introduction to Management Strategy. I begin to realize that although strategic management in finance and marketing is vital for companies ‘development in the long term, human resources management is a lever, offering the most flexible way to maximize the productivity and increase profits by allocating existing resources. I would like to explore the complexities and acquire advanced skills in this

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