Personal Statement In Chemistry

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Chemistry is a subject which is inseparably engaged with our life. From childhood, I have a propensity to think about every scientific phenomenon. I was very curious about the astonishing natural facts which occur in everyday life. The interest in science was catalyzed by a science exhibition team who came to our school when I was in the 9th standard. That day they showed some common experiments in chemistry which are highly interesting like they were adding NaOH in phenolphthalein to form pink color, they showed the 3D structure of water molecule etc. Those experiments enthralled me a lot and soon then I found my proneness toward the realm of chemistry, which has been increased a lot in last eight years. I wonder how chemistry flawlessly helps…show more content…
I believe that only by pursuing a research career in chemistry I can satiate my inquisitive mind. Hence I decided to be a devotee of chemistry.
From my childhood till now my academic standing is a thing which remained more or less constant. My inquisitive mind and competitive contemporaries always help me to be a bright student throughout my academic life. I always got some great persona with the indefectible understanding of science as my teacher, be it my school or my college. Acquiring knowledge from these influential teachers I scored 90.125% marks (topped in the class) in my 10th standard with 99% marks in science, which widened my road to science. Then I scored 86.8% (topped in the class) in my 12th standard with 92% in Chemistry and 100% in Mathematics. This huge marks brought me INSPIRE fellowship, given by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, given to the top 1% student of each state board. Even though I cleared very competitive entrance examination for engineering, but my thirst in Chemistry led me to take Chemistry Honours for my undergraduate studies with subsidiaries subject Mathematics and Physics in Krishnath College, one of the best colleges under University of Kalyani, India. In my
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