Personal Statement In Civil Engineering

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As a child, I always used to wonder where my father would disappear every morning. One morning, after a lot of hue and cry, I managed to go with him to his workplace. My father is a civil engineer by profession and it was a construction site. I was amazed to see how putting together of mere bricks transformed into a wall, how a “huge rolling bucket” transformed cement and stones into a paste like mixture and how this mixture eventually took shape into beams and columns. From that day onward, Civil engineering has never stopped fascinating me. In School, where I was relentlessly challenged academically, I was besotted by the enigma of Mathematics and Physics, which sedimented and concretised my childhood dream of taking up Civil Engineering one day. Eventually when I managed to get into the prestigious National Institute of Technology, Durgapur as a student of Civil Engineering, my dream seemed to have come true. I decided to make the most of the opportunities being offered. Naturally, Structural Engineering appealed the most to me because of my childhood…show more content…
This experience was life changing, because here I got to see how theories are practised on ground. I was also exposed to modern construction methods and equipments, like Soil Bucket for soil excavation and use of Launching Girder for placement of Bridge segments, which are seldom used in a country like Bangladesh. I became familiar with construction equipments and sequence of use in the project along with quality assurance plan. An opportunity to interact with the finest professionals in this field was invaluable. These interactions and experiences gave me a deeper insight into the modern developments in the field of Civil
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