Personal Statement In Computer Engineering

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“Engineering education opens up more than just engineering. It opens up way to tackle problems and communicate in a very universal way”. For the past few years, we are aware how computer revolution has rapidly changed the way world works. Developments in automobiles, electronic components, computers, robotics etc have all made human life easier. I believe that the field of Computer Engineering is the epicentre of all these developments. My interest in computer engineering grew when I came across high performance computer systems, multi threading systems and parallel processors.The future looks to be full of changes, changes which I would like to be part of. I strongly feel that there are ample opportunities in this niche area and would…show more content…
The undergraduate courses on Microprocessors and Microcontrollers, provided a strong foundation on the architecture and operation, and stimulated me to learn more about the same. Since I was an IEEE member I accessed their articles and spectrums to study more about their architectures ,designs, recent developments and the role they play in day to day life. My interest lies in topics such as RISC, CISC , computer architecture and vlsi designs. Though the concepts in Undergraduate level are basic in nature, however have sharpened my thinking process and fine tuned my technical sensibility. Thus, further increase in quest for technical knowledge in my field of interest. All this together aided my decision to specialize in Computer Engineering.

I believe Computer Engineering is a blend of both hardware and software.While doing my mini projects I’ve come across microcontrollers such as Atmega8, Atmega328,Pic18, Intel 8051. With every new topic that I studied my interest in this field grew (exponentially). Another area that captures my interest is Programming, I felt computer knowledge with courses in Matlab, VHDL, Verilog and C to improve my ability in programming and to simulate the real time applications. I have made it a point to keep myself updated about the latest developments in my field of study by attending various seminars and
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