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My decision to apply for a PhD position at the department of aeronautics and astronautics , University of Washington, Seattle, is the culmination of my long term ambition to research, teach and preach aerodynamics. My interest in aircrafts since childhood had prompted me to take up Mechanical Engineering as my preferred field of study. The same passion for the field has inspired me to pursue a career in aviation. The passion to become a teacher coupled with my interest in aircrafts motivated me to find a job in an airline in India, my home country, as a technical and performance instructor of aircrafts. During my close to six years of experience at the airline, I have secured approvals to teach Aircraft Technical and Aircraft Performance courses of Boeing aircraft (B737-800 and B777 -200LR/300 ER). Technical courses focused on the engineering systems of an aircrafts like engines, flight control surfaces, hydraulic systems and their operation. The concepts of aerodynamics as applied to aircrafts was to be taught as…show more content…
At the same time, myself and my family members had apprehensions about me going back to academics after a long stay away from the field and many people suggested possible obstacles in my path. The decision to go ahead turned out to be wise as I completely committed myself to the course and graduated as the university topper with a CGPA of 10/10. I also had undertaken research activities which has resulted in some publications as elaborated in my resume. During this period I had opportunity to involve myself as a teaching assistant for some courses in the mechanical engineering department, successful execution of which paved way for my selection into the same campus as a lecturer on

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