Personal Statement In The National Honor Society

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Growing up, I attended a very family oriented school that has helped me to grow, by exposing me to people who perform care taking roles. My involvement in the National Honor Society and other activities helped me mature and required me to develop the four pillars of personal leadership, service, character, and scholarship that allow me to connect with different people outside of my peer group. Immersing myself in these social groups, guided me to fully commit to and carry out many responsibilities. Since the ninth grade, I have been a part of my high school’s basketball team, which has taught me leadership and enriched my communication skills. Being a member of high-school teams helped me understand that sometimes I need to drop the walls I keep in place to allow my team members and I to work together as one family. The guidance provided by my coaches encouraged me to learn how to deal with conflicts. I have been able to settle issues between members of my team and between myself and a team member. These communication skills, taught to me by my coaches, leave be better able to resolve conflict as in future endeavors, be they school, work, or personally related. These communication skills also helped me to say thank you to those that put in time in my education and embolden my ideas.…show more content…
The pillar of scholarship has taught me to appreciate the people in these groups as they guided me towards my academic goals. Sharing their advice, they have taught me to take pride in my work and my dedication to getting things done. I not only learned to keep my grades high, but I enjoyed the work and kept enriching my knowledge. Attending the National Honor Society and other groups allow me to set priorities, a skill that gives me the ability to manage my time. Managing my time is what helped me maintain my high GPA, as it was always my top
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