Personal Statement: Katrina Schwartz

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It is with great pleasure that I recommend Katrina Schwartz. She is a hardworking and kind individual who has demonstrated strong ability and talent throughout her high school career. Katrina’s talents extend beyond the classroom. Not one to just sit back and let life pass her by, she is involved both in and outside of school. Although quite modest, Katrina is a student that is well liked and admired by her peers, as well as her teachers. She has worked hard academically, despite challenges that came her way. What stands out most about Katrina is how gracefully she worked her way through challenging times and blossomed into a mature and focused individual, one who is sure of her future goals and is determined to achieve them.
One of Katrina’s greatest talents is her vocal performance. I have had the pleasure of witnessing her sing throughout her high school career. She is a gifted musician, and has continued to strengthen and build on her gifts. Her growth as a vocalist has been evident in the range of songs she has performed throughout high school. Beginning her freshman year she has been a member of South Windsor High School’s elite show choir, Choral Spectrum. Not only is
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A challenging academic schedule throughout high school, she has consistently raised her standards and expectations for herself. She focuses on improving herself in all areas of her life, but is definitely not self-centered. Always there with a smile and a helping hand she has gained the respect and admiration of both peers and staff. True to herself, Katrina has strong values and morals, and is not easily influenced by peer pressures. She is a young woman any teacher would want as a student, any person would want as a friend, and any parent would be proud to call their daughter. I feel fortunate to have known Katrina throughout her high school career; she has certainly left a positive and lasting

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