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Throughout my life, the idea of being a teacher had crossed my mind several times. I have always enjoyed being around children and I knew that in the future, I would be in a profession where I would work with them. I became interested in becoming an EFL teacher when I came across a video of a man sharing his experience about teaching in Korea. When I realized I could qualify for the EPIK program and started researching more about becoming an EFL teacher, I became eager in learning how I could teach students English as a foreign language. As an EFL teacher, I believe I would be making an impact on the lives of the students who want to learn English. Watching the students progress in learning the language would be the biggest reward. I have personally experienced this during my internship at the Taylor Adolescent Program. Watching my student becoming more interested in the subject and as a result improving in his language skills made me feel as though I was making a difference.
I specifically want to teach in Korea because I have always been interested in Korean culture in terms food, music the language and so forth. My interest in Korea has grown and has lead me to learning Korean during my free time. Teaching in Korea will also be an opportunity for me to learn more about an education system that values hard work and
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The students should be able to interact with both the teacher and their classmates when learning. This approach also takes creativity and problem-solving into account. Instead of focusing only on theoretical concepts, my students will learn how to put what they Through new learn into practice and use it in their everyday lives. I will put the theoretical knowledge into practice by including communicative activities and authentic material that students can use in the

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