Essay: I Want To Pursue A Bachelor's Degree In Civil Engineering

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My interest in Civil Engineering stemmed right from my childhood, when, as soon as I returned home from school I was drawn to the television to watch in utter fascination programs such as ‘Mega Structure’ and ‘Extreme Engineering’. I would then badger my father with innumerable questions, and even though he was not highly educated he patiently answered all my questions, having had experience in construction. Together with my mother he encouraged me to be the first in the family to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and on completion of my undergraduate studies he encouraged me to chase a Master’s program in Civil Engineering in the US. Hailing from a simple, middle class family, with a middle class income, my father worked very hard and succeeded in making our financial position stable. In the process I had to change schools six times; but instead of ruing my predicament, I took it as an opportunity to meet new people and learn their customs, all the while developing a positive attitude as I adjusted to every situation. I must confess though, that my grades were somewhat mediocre in school, and I lacked interest in most of my subjects, except Math and Science the only subjects I loved the most and in which I scored well. My parents never once chastised me about my grades; rather they went out of their way to emphasize the importance of a good education – something they were not lucky…show more content…
I have given considerable thought to the huge demand for structural/Civil engineering as a profession, given that India is a developing country, and a career in this field besides being lucrative, would ideally suit me. To achieve this goal, I sincerely believe that a Master’s degree in Civil engineering is essential and therefore I wish to apply to your reputed university for an opportunity to further hone my skills on the management aspects and to enhance my knowledge in the field of my
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