Personal Statement: My Interest In Computer Technology

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Ever since I could remember, I have always been deeply interested in computer technology. Start from an early age, my mom introducing me to the computer systems at her office that first sparked me to this interest. I can remember that my eager curiosity always drives me to know more about the computer and its technology. During that time, only few persons knew how to use a computer and nobody has the opportunity to teach me, except I need to learn it by my own. I was discovering more about the software programs and hardware devices from books, magazine and articles, which I borrowed it from the library and some of my friends. My interest in computer technology was increasing and then soon become one of my passions. In order to know more and…show more content…
All of this experienced always remind me to do the best as I can in everything I do. My working experiences with different companies such as MIMOS, DynaFront System and Pos Malaysia for 7 years are the proof on my greatest influences about how my knowledge is developed and increasing year by year. I had the chance to learn computer programming, office management and others during my works. The experiences working in the private sector with different businesses have helped me to be open minded and creative. One of my best experiences worth mentioning took place when I was selected by Universiti Teknologi Malaysia for the Global Outreach Program for Silicon Valley, United States of America when I continue my Master degree 's study. I had a chance to explore high technology equipment at NASA Ames Research Center, Cisco Systems, Google, Yahoo!, Oracle, and McAfee. Then, a few years later, I was selected to receive a government fellowship to further my PhD in Computer Science. The reason I choose University of Manchester is because of their availability to provide quality education as well as the opportunity to explore and polish individual
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