Dentistry Personal Statement Examples

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My interest in dentistry was sparked at the age of fourteen. It all started after me and my dentist decided that I needed braces, for a "wonderful smile" as he put it. Every visit to the dentist was a new experience to me. From every time I had my braces cleaned and checked to the difficulties I had to endure afterwards, curiosity found its way, and I slowly took an interest in dentistry. The conversations with my dentist revolved around the fundamentals of the dental world, and this strengthened my confidence and unlocked my hidden potential in indulging myself with the world of dentistry. At first, I was unsure about which career path I would like to pursue, but after these visits my curiosity and inspiration grew and I am pleased to say that I have reached the point where I can say that I am enthusiastic and about starting a dentistry course. My work experience at Al Fardan Orthodontics Clinic for two weeks gave me an insight into the world of a dentist. The practical work given by my dentist started off with check-ups to aiding the dental nurses. I also observed a range of oral hygiene treatments such as stain removal treatment to prevent gum disease. This experience taught me about the advancement in technology since my dentist introduced me to the Damon brace…show more content…
I strive to become a passionate dentist one day and will always test my abilities and undertake many challenges in order to continue achieving this profession. I believe I am suitable for this course because I enjoy being part of a team, willing to give advice and help others, and obtained valuable skills and achievements so far. One of my ambitions after I finish my degree is to make sure I shape a new smile for my patients of all ages that would not only enhance their appearance but to also make sure that they feel amazing from the inside
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