Personal Statement: My Interest In Environmental Science

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What sparked my interest in the environment, and nature in general was getting lost while on a family hike when I was seven. While my parents consider it a horrible family memory, I found enjoyment in spending time in the calmness of the wilderness around me. When I came to college it was almost inevitable that I would study environmental science, but I was too intrigued by all aspects of science to know what I truly had a passion for. This quickly changed during a lab my first semester of college. For the lab we were sent out to record the amount the types of trees in forested parts of campus. While I was out there taking pictures of all types of trees I felt the same feeling I felt when I was seven, lost in the woods. The tranquility of the outdoors, even close to campus, was something I never got tired of. While I did enjoy find interest in almost all fields of science, I could not imagine spending a majority of my professional career indoors, while studying the world outside. As soon as I got out of that lab I emailed my advisor to immediately switch into the environmental science major. Once I started taking classes I realized most science majors spend the majority of their class time learning how the natural world functions,…show more content…
In these three years I already feel that I could be a major force in bettering the world around me, although I do understand that there are always new skills to acquire, and I am constantly looking for opportunities to gain these skills. When I graduate in May of 2019 I wish to enter the workforce as soon as possible, assisting in any way I can. I eventually hope that I can one day work with the environment directly, as opposed to in a lab, so that I can see the progress I make towards a better world, while constantly in the peacefulness of the outdoors that I have always

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