Personal Statement: My Interest In Organizational Leadership

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My interest in Organizational Leadership began at a young age, before I knew what organizational leadership was or why it was important. From a young teenage cadet in Civil Air Patrol to a manager of a global team today, leadership has been the core element. To succeed as a manager in a globalized world means understanding leadership as it relates to the organization, international groups, local groups and understanding how to bring them under one umbrella.
Leadership is my past, present and future. It defined me as a child at age 10 when a friend of mine whom I was at a camp with lost her father and we needed to pack and leave. While others were not sure how to react, I stood up and began to help her pack. I figured out who lived close to her assuming she forgot anything. I also found someone she was close with at the camp to be with her and provide comfort.
Leadership and being able to stand up for myself and others when it is important continued to define me as a teenager. I became the Cadet Commander at the Civil Air Patrol in Spokane, Washington when I was told I would not succeed. At the time when I applied and interviewed for the role, I was told I was not the right choice, no girl had ever held the position, and I wasn’t leadership material. An adult from the squadron told me this, but I chose to ignore it. During the interview, enough
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In addition, it will provide a better understanding of global issues found in the workplace while being culturally sensitive. It will advance my ability in research by improving my storytelling ability and strategic communication to my superiors. This course brings together for me improved methods to communicate my research across the global company, look at global citizens and how working in an international company requires different leadership styles, and improve my leadership skills at
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