Personal Statement: My Passion For Computer

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One of the important phases of a student’s life is the specialization in a Graduate Program. This

decision can change a person’s career, taking him to greater heights in life. In my case this

decision was not made in a day or two rather years of thinking has gone into my decision-

making. Undergraduate course does not satisfy my thirst to acquire knowledge. I realized that

only through graduate study would my thirst be satiated.

Right from my childhood days I had all the motivation and enthusiasm for science and

technology. My passion for computers started when I used to play computer games during my

childhood. My parents and teachers played a very important role in shaping my future. They

supported me throughout my career. During my schooling at Ravi
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Based on my rank and passion towards computers, I chose Bachelor of computer applications in

Siddhartha College for women as major in undergraduate course. The undergraduate education

has been a course of self-development. The college gave me a good opportunity to interact with

highly experienced and skillful faculty. Through its efficient course and academic curriculum I

was able to experience a well-organized educational system. Some of the subjects in the course

included MIS, E-Commerce, SAAD, Mobile communications. We were also through C and Data

Structures, C++, DBMS, JAVA, VB, Language Processors. I also have a good knowledge about

operating systems like DOS, Windows-NT and unix. The course curriculum of the college made

me well versed in all the basic principles of the course subjects. Its curriculum developed in me

the ability to apply concepts in a pragmatic way. It made me develop a positive frame of mind

and confident approach to problem solving. My academic performance through out the course is

good. Apart from my course studies I also took part in extra curricular activities like
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