Personal Statement: My Passion For Computer Science

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Computer Science personal statement

When a friend asked me: "Why do you like computer science?" I found myself unable to give an answer. However, from that moment on, I tried to understand what makes computer science so attractive for me.

My passion for computers started in the 9th grade, in 2008, when I started studying it as part of the introduction to computer curriculum in my high school. This seems like interesting because there was no computer in our elementary school in Bingol, the Kurdish region in Turkey. The elementary school was the worst street school in Bingol, however, I have won the second ranking high school in Bingol with my general exam points, normally all regions are formally accept equal but in reality we definitely do not see same education as well as the others. When I met with computer in the high school, I had passed by myself. I insisted on my father to purchase a computer for playing computer games. After a while, the games was being boring pushed me doing something different. As a
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First of all, I am a hiphop dancer and I have huge amount fans on Instagram, musically and other platforms that helped me to manage people and control them according to their requests. I’ve been performing on theater almost ten years, sometimes professional sometimes amateur, that led me to observe the other people with minor details because the best performers are the best observers. Furthermore, traveling other countries has illustrated me life difficulties and living alone through 4 months in the U.S. taught me to stand on my own. Riding motorcycle in Istanbul, the most crowded city in Turkey, enhanced me to compensate other people’s mistake and to manage risk and crisis. Moreover, I used to play licensed basketball and licensed chess in high school. In sum, people should prefer working for living instead of living for working
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