Personal Statement: My Passion For Graphic Design

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At a young age, I had an affinity for nice looking drawing and cartoon. I was always fascinated by the colourful classic WALL’S ice cream menu on the refrigerator of this convenience mart I went with my mother. I find the colourful wrapper of WALL’S Paddle Pop ice cream to be attractive and I used to keep it inside my drawer as a collection. Growing up with my artistic parent, I've been indulged into the world of art and learned to appreciate art since I was young. My parent used to draw an icon on the home switch as a guidance to allow me to learn which switches turn off the specific home appliances. They signed me up for a drawing class as well. During that time, my personal definition of the word “art” was merely drawing, that’s it. I’ve no idea what is graphic design and illustration.…show more content…
Ever since I started my Diploma in Graphic & Multimedia Design in Sunway University, I’ve learned so much about graphic design. It has inspired me to do so many new things. I discovered that within graphic design, there's photography, illustration, typography, UI/UX design, web design and 3D design. By acquiring a deep knowledge in graphic design, my passion for graphic design has grown stronger and it is what motivates me to pursue a Degree in Graphic Design. I'm certain that I will discover more career path and improve my knowledge on graphic design when I study BA(Hons) Graphic Design. I often go with minimalism and simplicity in my design work. I believe that white space is important in any form of design work or medium as it helps the audience to focus on the conveyed message without being too expressive. One of my most respected graphic designer, Kenya Hara, really influenced me a lot with his design style and the purpose of his design. I believe that behind a great design lies a strong message and this is one of the core of design that strives me to make sure that my work is designed

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