Personal Statement: My Passion For Science

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As a high school student, I bumped into my former first grade teacher, Mrs. Ponder. She recognized my mother who was with me in the Ingles grocery store’s checkout line. After exchanging pleasantries and talking about how much I have grown since my elementary school days, she asked “Do you still like science?” Two things were going on inside my head. One, science really has been my favorite subject to study my entire life. Two, my first grade teacher, which I have not seen in ten or so years, remembers my passion for science, even as a five year old child. Reflecting upon this, it really should not be a surprise. I was the kid that knew all the planets in order. I was the kid that could identify trees by their leaves. I was the kid that received a microscope for my eight birthday. Furthermore, I took nine science courses in high school. North Carolina school’s minimum number of science courses was three. Perhaps, I should have reflected a bit more when choosing a major at the start of college. I attended Gardner-Webb University as a nursing major. I was just going along with what my parents were saying. The money, the job security and availability are…show more content…
program. I use to teach a Smoky Mountain High School. Naturally, I looked at Western Carolina’s biology program to see what professors are interested in. With my experience with H. chrysoscelis, I was greatly attracted to the idea of studying under Dr. Joseph Pechmann. I do believe working with Dr. Pechmann would greatly increase skill and knowledge in becoming in scientist. I also met Dr. Thomas Martin. Studying under Dr. Martin would certainly open up job opportunities upon completing the M.S. program. I have heard that the Graduate department is very open and easy to work with. Which is not true about every school’s graduate department. I think I would thrive in that type of

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