Personal Statement: My Penchant For Computer Programming

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Personal Statement
I vividly remember the day of my introduction to computer programming, my sixth-grade computer class of teaching 'Logo', an educational programming language. Until that moment, I had assumed computers to be just another source for games and entertainment. It was fascinating to see a machine work on commands given to it by us mortals. It enraptured me so much that I cajoled my father into buying a computer and assaying the various tasks it could accomplish. This, coupled with having a mother who graduated in Mathematics and introduced me into its vast world, sprouted and sharpened my interests in school towards Computers and Mathematics. Furthermore, it was exciting to consider the possibilities of computers solving Mathematical problems at near speed of light and slowly my ambition to become a Computer Engineer took shape.
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Just before dawn, I managed to calculate the product of two 1000-digit numbers in my Pentium III processor. Tasks like these further grew into developing a complete Computerised Billing System by the time I finished my high school. This was a career-defining moment for me.
My penchant for programming made me choose an undergraduate degree in Information Technology. Two years into the study, I could update my pet calculator code to run on a Hadoop cluster to multiply not just big integers, but also large multi-dimensional matrices. Challenges like these kept enticing me each day of my undergraduate study, which made problem-solving in varying scales, from assembly codes to high-level languages my
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