Personal Statement: My Personal Experience In The World

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If one were to ask me to describe myself, I’d describe myself as a very ambitious, diverse, intelligent, risk taking man. I am ambitious, because I love being successful. I love when I achieve the things that I’ve always wanted to achieve. I am diverse enough to know that there is no thing such as one truth or manner. I am diverse, because I lived in three different countries, I spoke three different languages and I witnessed three different cultures. I am intelligent, not only because my academic background is very strong but also I am always open to new information since I know that there is no limit to intelligence. Finally, I’m a risk taking man because I know that I have to take risks and try my best to achieve the things that I want to achieve in my life Even though I was a science student, I always loved arts and literature. For three years, I took drawing classes. Since 2014, I am working as a volunteered drawing teacher for the kids aged between 5-8 at the local library of the town that I currently live in. Other than drawing, I also have a passion for traveling and getting to know different cultures and places. That was why I decided to study overseas in the first place. My high school was a German high school, named as “Cagaloglu Anadolu Lisesi” and located in Istanbul, Turkey. All of the classes were in German language, also the teachers were mostly German, and the others were Turkish teachers who can speak in German. That was the first time that I’ve ever

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