Personal Statement: My Professional Goals As A Nurse

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Personal Statement

My professional goal is to attend college at the University of Hawaii at Manoa campus to take a 4-year degree in Nursing. I chose this career because this is what I always dreamed of to be since I was young. Every time we visited the doctor’s office, I was always amazed of how the nurse is dressed in white and how skillful she was in helping the doctor. Whenever I have a doctor’s appointment, I would observe how the nurse would check my weight and height, my pulse, my blood pressure, and my temperature. The nurse would make me feel comfortable before seeing the doctor because I get really nervous. I always imagined myself caring for a sick patient, having the stethoscope around my neck, checking the patient’s blood pressure,
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I have good study habits and I am a hard-working student. I do my best to finish all my work in school. I have only been here in Hawaii for two years and as a student, I improved on my performance in all my classes. Another way to achieve my goal is to keep my body healthy by eating healthy foods, getting enough sleep, and exercising. If I do this, I will be able to perform better in college. I know that there will be harder subjects and activities in college, so I need to be physically and mentally prepared now. In order to achieve my goals, surrounding myself by positive and supportive peers is very important. I need to be with my friends who can influence me to prioritize studies above anything else. I need to work well with my teachers in getting good grades and completing all requirements before graduating from high school. I need to always follow my family’s advice because they can encourage me to focus on my…show more content…
I know taking a four-year degree in Nursing will be a long way to tread, but with patience I can become successful. With determination, I can do my best to prove to myself, to my family, that I will be a successful nurse after four years. I will work hard and focus on my studies now that I am still in high school. I will keep surrounding myself with positive influences. Eventually, I will share my knowledge to people who also want to become nurse in order to achieve their goals, too. I will work as a nurse to help my family and my community. I want to work at a hospital or health center here in Hawaii. I will be the nurse that makes people comfortable when visiting the doctor, and put a smile on their faces as they leave the office, knowing they have somebody they can

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