Personal Statement: My Work Ethic

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I believe that my academic strength is my work ethic along with my time management skills. Being a successful student and getting good grades requires a strong work ethic along with focus and perseverance. In high school many students believe that if you just complete an assignment then that is enough. However, I know that that is not the case. I make sure that I do all the homework that is assigned to me, even extra. If I know that there is an important test I will go the extra mile to study even more by doing extra practice, so that I can do well. I believe that the reason I have good grades is because I know this and I do it every time I have an assignment due. Getting all of your work done on time is such an easy way to get good grades and is fundamental to being successful in school. I also know that in life after school, doing the bare minimum does not suffice in the workplace. You must go above and beyond if you want to be successful.…show more content…
I play a sport every season of the year in addition to year-round travel soccer and a part time job. I put forth my best in every sport that I play and want to do my best always so I never let my team or myself down. Doing all of this really limits my time and over time I have adapted to develop good time management skills. When I realize that I have a small window of time to do an assignment, I use the time that I have to complete the assignment and I don’t put it
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