Personal Statement Of A Second Language Teacher

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Personal Statement During my college life and short professional life, I have determined to search for opportunities by which I can have the chance to learn, teach, grow, be creative, improve, and let my talent shine. Since I am trying to always master Arabic and English, I have shown a great potential and passion in teaching a second language to adults using the culture of the language to help them improve their linguistic competence in the classroom. Spending three years in the career of teaching, it was crucial for me to test my competence as a second language teacher in teaching different stages starting from young learners to adults and from Egyptian students to students from different cultures until I get to get to know my points of uniqueness as a teacher and stress on them. Teaching for me is not confined to the act of giving students prepared information as much as it is about broadening your students views and understanding of the world and be in an emotional harmony with them sharing all the knowledge I have gained in life and guide them in their lives. Powered by courage and ambition, I found what the program is offering matching with my personal traits as I will be given the chance to work study and integrate in a different society. Finding myself leading and inspiring to my students and encouraged by my supervisors to keep my performance up, I was motivated to apply for the FLTA program being sure that

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