A Career As An Industrial Engineer

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Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated by the way how mechanical and electrical things work. Throughout school I have particularly enjoyed physics and maths and I feel these are important subjects I would like to explore more thorough Engineering. I had completed 16 years of formal education in 2016 graduating with a Second Class Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Muffahkham Jah College of Engineering and Technology ranked as the No 5th Private State College and also top in Mechanical Engineering. This has provided me with the fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering. My entire education was in English as the medium of instruction. I had taken Math, Physics and Chemistry as elective subjects in High School. My undergraduate…show more content…
To the pessimist, the glass is half empty. To the engineer, the glass is twice as big as it needs to be. Industrial engineers are different. We optimize the glass by adding more liquid. Faster, easier, more efficient; that’s what being an industrial engineer is all about.” This was the time I was thinking about my future plans, whether to work or pursue my higher education. Industrial Engineering is perfect amalgam of subjects pertaining to mechanical and industrial field. The most distinctive aspect of industrial engineering is the flexibility it offers. Industrial engineers can work in any context or environment.

I have a passion for streamlining things – making processes – I choose to be a logistics manager for a inter university competition designing testing and fabricating race cars and marketing manager getting subscriptions raising funds so that the show goes on. This passion for streamlining is what I want to make my career – Industrial Engineering - deriving the engineering solution using an understanding of production systems represented my calling.designing the processes, testing them for efficiency and optimization, installing them handing them over and moving on to newer horizons is my
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The thought of entering into service industry where knowledge of processes, product cycles, and quality controls are essential brought out the fact that my present levels of knowledge is inadequate though I kept in touch with developing manufacturing trends through journals, industrial visits, conferences and interactions with industrial experts.
In India, with an ever expanding manufacturing base and new enterprises starting daily, there is a requirement for Industrial Engineering specialization and I hope to start my own manufacturing Industry after my graduation or after a couple of years of experience as an Industrial Engineer hence my quest for a strong background in Industrial Engineering.
With a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from University, I would be able to bring my past knowledge and work experience to the full potential and gain these skills for a maximum career impact.
After graduating with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering, I see myself either starting my own manufacturing industry or working as an independent consultants or with consulting firms providing business solutions for global clients or work with governments providing efficient, innovative industrial

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