Personal Narrative: My Clinical Experience As A Nursing Student

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As a nursing student, I have a grasp on what nursing is through textbooks and lectures. The more I learn about this profession, the more I learn about what my philosophy is. Although I haven’t gained clinical experience as a nurse, I have gained some clinical experience as a nurse assistant that helps me administer patient care while acquiring knowledge working under the supervision of nurses. This experience helps me to become knowledgeable on what their roles and responsibilities are, and it has inspired me that I hope when I graduate, to equal their skill, diligence and passion. Person A person in the nursing field is anyone who is in need of care or assistance. This individual can be the client or patient, the family of the patient,…show more content…
The health and condition of our patients is where we give our full attention to. Nurses can help improve patient’s health and well being by linking social determinants of health to outcomes (Ref). Research has proven that social determinants of health such as homelessness can affect health outcomes (Ref).We want to give our best effort to help in the development in each individual to regain maximal functional status through independence and self care. We need to make sure that we reach our goals in our plan of care and making sure that we will do everything in our ability to be as healthy as possible and teach them how to maintain being healthy. While ensuring our patient’s health, we should be mindful of our health as nurses as well. We should avoid being in the state of burnout. According to Jean Watson’s theory, she believed that holistic health care is central to the practice of caring in nursing. We need to take proper care of ourselves as well and stay healthy in order to deliver the best quality of care our patients need. Watson mentions the nurse and patient should have a transpirational relationship that could also enhance the patient’s ability for

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