Personal Statement Of Purpose For Civil Engineering

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Civil engineering is one of the oldest and finest engineering fields. Mother nature gave us this earth but civil engineers were the one who created and shaped it to what it is today.Civil engineering is my passion , from childhood I wanted to create things and so my passion and desire took me into civil engineering .

Creating things was more than a passion to me. Even during my school days , I used to take part in science exhibitions and made things like green house made up of steel bars , a geared solar system , earthquake insulators for buildings and many more . It were my school teachers that inspired and motivated me to cultivate this interest of creating things by taking up civil engineering .

Surat , my home town has been under great accelerated development .Surat ranks fourth in a global study of fastest developing cities conducted by The City Mayors Foundation, an international think tank on urban affairs. Most of developments were in real estate and infrastructural field. I was very much interested to make some serious contribution in on going development and so I took civil engineering as my under graduate course .

After three and half years of undergraduate study in Civil Engineering, I feel completely satisfied with my decision to choose engineering as my career option as it has revealed most pragmatic and direct approach to tackle human problems to me. In this three and half years I had chance to learn various subjects like Geotechnical engineering I and II
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