Personal Statement Of Purpose In Architecture

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“If you focus on the design, you can call yourself a Designer and if you focus on the implementation of your design, you can call yourself as an Architect.” - Cameron Sinclair Architecture for me is an art of designing buildings and creating a space that can change the way of living. I belong to a place where Architecture was just a word for over a decade as compared to the present conditions. Being a small town boy, whenever I used to go out for vacations to visit my relatives in Mumbai (India), I was always mesmerized and fascinated with tall buildings, glass facades and their shapes. Since I was always good at creative thinking, I felt closure to building forms and their architecture. I wandered what I could do if I 'm handed the magic wand and asked to design a masterpiece, which inspired me to choose architecture as my course. The feeling of likeness and curiosity of exploring something new about buildings grew eventually as I grew older in my field and later it became my profession.…show more content…
My education enabled me to develop a broad yet unified outlook of architecture. I learned and developed substantially in my field and imbibed versatile skills in architectural design and other subjects. I learned various software’s such as AutoCAD, Sketch up, Photoshop etc. to improve and to strengthen my presentation and designs. Along with my academic success I actively participated in co-curricular activities and made my college proud amongst the architecture colleges in Pune, by participating in various design competitions, workshops and sports tournaments held at institute and national
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