Personal Statement Of Reflection For A Robotics Club In School

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I need some inspiration for the start!!!!Growing up, Lego Mindstorms was not just a toy for me; it was a platform, a runway which let my curiosity take flight. This was my forte from which arose various projects through simple permutations of the five hundred available Lego pieces. Ranging from a functional mimic of an automobile to a futuristic design of a humanoid, the Lego set left me charged with an energetic vigor to create new designs, a never-say-die attitude to failed prototypes and importantly an indelible curiosity for unraveling the world of engineering.
Besides my heightened fascination, I also felt the need to share this passion of mine with everyone around. This led me to found the Robotics club in school where I was able to interact with likeminded enthusiasts and further my interest in design. Owing to this flair for the world of science, academics came naturally to me. Consistent performances all through school lead me to a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering Program at SSN College of Engineering, one of the top colleges in the state.
This under graduation offered a range of courses that kindled the explorer in me. I stumbled upon a course titled Dynamics in Machinery in my fourth semester which was a great addition to my curriculum. The lab sessions associated with this subject are some of my fondest memories from college life where I’d devote many an enjoyable hour to brainstorming complex variations of problems alongside my professors.
I, along with

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