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Personal Statements UC Personal Statement, Question #2 (152/350)
Creativity, as I defined it, is a way to express your subconscious thoughts and feeling and projecting them into a blank space in which everyone could connect with. Not only creativity is used for artistic methods, but also for problem solving. Creativity is what inspired many inventors, like Leonardo Da Vinci, whose motive was to invent objects that can be used to make someone’s life easier. I express my creativity in many ways such as- problem solving, an easier ways to do an activity, drawing my thoughts out loud. The majority of the activities I do, I try to find an easier way to do it which uses some creativity. Also, I a way I use my creativity is throughout photography.
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The very first months of my 7th grade year were tough, as I didn't fully comprehend the language. I felt detached from people, because I couldn't start a conversation neither understand what they were saying. I only spoke to the few people who speak Spanish in my classes, only a few. Every day in class, all I could hear were mumblings coming from everyone, except words a third grader knows. I was taking a Spanish class, a class in where they were teaching my own language, and so I realized I didn’t needed the class. I had to ask my Spanish teacher if there were any classes that will helped me learn english, and so he mentioned the ELD class(English Language Development Program). Later I was enrolled to the ELD class. When I first came to the country, I thought I was the only one that couldn’t speak English. As soon as I stepped into the class, I knew I wasn't the only one struggling. The class was filled with students from different ethnicities that also struggled with the language. My teacher, Mrs. Andrews, had really made a big impact in my life, and so I really appreciate her. By the time in second semester, understanding what everyone was saying made me accomplished. Now, as I am typing this paragraph, the language isn’t an obstacle…show more content…
In every science class I’ve had good grades. For example, on my sophomore year I’ve heard many negative comments about chemistry. “Do not take that class, you are going to struggle.” or “ Dude, chemistry f****d me over” But even though from such negative feedback, I still persuade to took that class. By mid year i was surprised I had a B as my grade. In general, I see science as a very interesting subject. Every now and then, I ask myself questions such like “why ice is slippery on ice?” or “Why if you rub a balloon against your arm or head the hair will stand up?” I am a very curious person, and science answers many of the questions I have. Now I started getting interested in physiology. I thought that physiology will help me comprehend what a nurse needs to know. And to persuade what I would like to become, I started to volunteer in health clinics such as Tiburcio Vasquez. I’ve gathered knowledge, such as what a nurse does and started to comprehend them
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