Personal Statement: Personal Experiences

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frustrating because I worked very hard on my academic career in high school to be able to receive money to help me pay for college. In addition, my parents paid both states and federal taxes and to have someone deny me an opportunity, based on the sole fact that I was not a citizen, crushed my heart. Reflecting back on my experiences, they truly made me stronger and I realize I can overcome anything.
The words considerate and selfless describe me an as an individual. I am the type of person to place other people’s need before mine. For example, while studying for a major exam, my friend came to me crying about her boyfriend. Although they constantly break up and always get back together, I stayed up for three hours comforting her. I don’t mind inconveniencing myself to help someone else. However, I tend put my needs aside and not prioritize what I want in life. I think that because I am always being considerate of other people’s feelings, I tend to not
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For example, I have a low propensity to trust and tend to assume people just want or need something from me. Although this quality trait has shielded me from people who did not have my best interest in heart, it has also negatively impacted many of my close intimate relationships. My tendency not to trust people stems mainly from my personality and past experiences. Even from a young age, I have always been suspicious of other people’s motives. Every time I have trusted someone in the past, they broke that trust. Overtime it just made it easier to not trust anyone and rely on myself. As I became older, I began to realize that many people in life are ruthless and only care about themselves. This made me view trust as something to be earned. Therefore, I would not trust from people until I was sure they would not break that trust. I learned no one could ever guarantee they won’t break the trust you have
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