Personal Statement: Personal Goals For Information Technology

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My personal objective is to use my knowledge, experience, and skills with the intention of securing a professional Career with an opportunity for challenges and career advancement while gaining knowledge of new skills and Expertise. I have taken up every chance I have had to learn about computers through theory and also do practicals for the theory learnt Computers have been an important future of the day to day life as they have influenced the rapid changes in my country in the recent years, Information technology has brought practical solutions for the already existing problems in the country , I believe that this Master’s degree will help me attain my personal fulfillment and also be able to benefit the country at large, being able to help transfer different systems from manual to computerized . Information technology is a distinct science from information system management, computer science, and computer engineering. IT focuses on meeting the needs of users through the creation, application, and management of computing technologies. Information technology professionals study how to make information systems work to best solve problems, leading to their application in various fields. Information technology is focused primarily on processing information

I have attended my degree in Information Technology from Makerere University Uganda. Throughout my studies, I would like to build on my already existing knowledge and skills attained from my
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