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Few months ago, while reading through the histories of various automobile enterprises I was surprised to find out that it was the ‘Industrial Engineer’ and not the ‘Automobile Engineer’ who brought about phenomenal changes in the automotive industry. The Industrial Engineer has always been the key, because it was mainly the strategies like Mass Production Techniques by Ford, Assembly Line Manufacturing by GM and Just in Time and Lean Manufacturing Techniques by Toyota that propelled them towards leadership in the automotive sector. This reading experience created a desire in me to know more about Industrial Engineering. On further research, I found that Industrial Engineering had a key role to play in every business, from manufacturing…show more content…
During this period of my study here, I was introduced to wide variety of courses like engineering mathematics, computer programming and problem solving, finite element analysis and I became familiar with the concepts like Just In Time, lean manufacturing, Total Quality Management, Six Sigma and its methods, inventory management and several other concepts during my course in Industrial Management.
In my undergraduate, I had done a project on “Element handling system for End cap Welding Machine” in a renowned public sector “Nuclear Fuel Complex”, Hyderabad. I chose this company because it is one of the country’s finest organizations in India. Our aim is to design the conveyor belt and a robotic arm having both stability and flexibility which meets the requirements. Knowing the importance of computers and software, I have learned AUTOCAD, CATIA, ANSYS and I can work on Windows 8, 7, XP platforms and had some basics of C. In this project we worked on CATIA and SOLIDWORKS. And I did my final year project on the topic “Optimization of performance characteristics in Electrical Discharge Machining using Taguchi method on AISI 316” under the esteemed guidance of Prof P.Laxminarayana,

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