Personal Statement: Professional Presence And Influence

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Professional Presence and Influence When we ponder: what is means to be human, surely most of us today think this question relates to our own humanity. Maybe the thought of being a living creature capable of not only basic functions like breathing and eating but of internalizing experiences, memories, complex problem solving and communication. Or perhaps it could touch on the fact that we “humans” are beings of blood, flesh, bone and energy that interacts between one another. A human is all of these and more. How this relates to healing is story long and old. It is innate in us as humans to care for the vessel which holds our organs, bones, thoughts and feelings. When you bump your elbow you instinctively rub and hold yourself in order to…show more content…
Let me start by saying that in my career as an RN, my patients have revealed to me that the way I present myself and conduct my nursing duties are much preferred. In the 6 institutions I have worked in, my managers have reported back to me that I am the most “requested” nurse amongst patients. I take this compliment in high regard because I feel that even though I may not be the most educated or experienced nurse in the unit; I receive this love and attention due to my nature as a human. It’s what drove me to be a nurse in the first place. My ability to provide care correctly and empathetically allows each patient to feel as if they are my only charge. I can quickly create bonds while also performing, assessing and tasking. This being said, where I fall into trouble is how my co-workers react to me. I am not a “type A” personality and in the field I am currently in, which is Oncology, there are many people who are. Because of my easy going nature I find myself butting heads with the most anxiety ridden coworkers, and it leads to doubt about my credibility and ability. It seems that I don’t take things so seriously and in my field, the reality is serious. I strive to be my authentic self at all times, and this authenticity it what brings my unique presence to my nursing practice. I am best when I am in my element of being the natural teacher and educator I know I was born to be. I have a love of science and the human brain, body, mind and spirit. I understand that there is rarely only one way to do anything. I try to take into account who I am with and what they are going through. This is the embodiment of Era 2, to see the person as a whole entity of flesh, blood, thought, emotion, state of being and life-force. The attempt to be more connected to this is my journey into the 3rd Era state of being all
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