Personal Statement: Pursuing A College Degree

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My motivation My son motivates me the most to pursue my college degree. I 'm his first teacher and I want to show him in order to be successful In his life he will have to work hard for what he wants. I want my son to see first hand that getting a college degree is obtainable for everyone. I 'll show him how to be a disciplined student that doesn 't give up and does what it takes to succeed. I 'm also motivated as I want to be in control of my life. With my degree I will have the security I need to be competitive in the marketplace. My purpose My main purpose in seeking my college degree is to put myself in a better position to take care of myself and my son. The workforce is changing, outsourcing is becoming normal in many entry level…show more content…
I don 't want to take what is just given to me I want to work hard and get what I deserve. Seeking my degree also shows that I value myself enough to invest in myself and improve my knowledge by taking the opportunity to continue to learn. Last but not least I value my son by showing him the importance of getting his college degree. My discipline I 'm very willing to schedule my life to include time to study and prepare for class. I 'm currently working full time however I have a set schedule of hours. After work my available time will be dedicated to my classroom and my son. I 've downloaded the Ashford app on my smartphone in order to access the classroom at anytime In case I may be away from home and my computer. My degree is my priority and my focus so I 've decided to cut back on unnecessary distractions that may get in my way. My Focus When I start to feel overwhelmed I will tell myself not to give up and I will remind myself of all of the reasons why I 'm pursuing my degree. I will tell myself that I have a purpose and even though it 's not easy I can still move forward. I will tell myself nothing good comes easy. I will tell myself only hard
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