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" Education is not preparation for life;education is life itself." -John Dewey I have always felt integrated in my love for education. Discrimination never stole from what felt like an intellectual thirst I could not quench. Attending college had been a goal of mine since I was young, conceived from the curiosity of the world I could not touch with my hands. Unfortunately education in our society is no longer seen as freedom to explore culture and world knowledge, but as mandatory attendance in an institution where the individual is only perceived as successful when their degree is in practice. In a stereotypical perception, I grew up very privileged. I was born and raised in Santa Cruz, California. Both parents of the household held high income occupations, while I attended schools offering quality youth education. Graduating high school one year early, while maintaining a 4.0gpa, I 've attended Cabrillo College from the age of fourteen to present day. Without Sociological Imagination, I would be unable to see how lucky I…show more content…
I have chosen the major of American Sign Language. The passion I 've grown for ASL was built off the foundation of love. In the deaf community there is an unconditional love for one another. They all have the common understanding that in our social structure, where fully able beings are more accepted as the "norm", they are a minority and therefore must love and support each other. By pursuing this language I am breaking the segregation between hearing and deaf. Learning about the deaf culture while being a hearing person provides the opportunity to be a link between the two worlds. Using sociology turned my personal experience with having a younger brother who is hard of hearing and watching his struggle, into a social awareness. It opened my eyes to the trails one must face in our society as
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