Personal Statement: Veterinary Medicine

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As a child, I always found an attraction towards interacting with animals and grabbed every opportunity to visit a zoo. Growing up, my fascination and interactions with the animal kingdom became more intimate and enabled me to develop a strong inclination towards the metabolical, physiological and psychological working of a living organism, from the size of a microscopic bacterium to the giants of the world such as whales and elephants.
This inclination developed my research on various ways I could play a part in the welfare of animals.My aspiration towards studying veterinary medicine developed with visits to Veterinary clinics to save a stray cat or accompany my neighbour's dog. Seeing the role Veterinary doctors play got me charmed into
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Mathematics has considerably built on my strength and ability of logical thinking and sequencing, a significant detail in a problem solving oriented course. The English Language has enabled me to explore the art of descriptive and argumentative writing to construct powerful essays and debates in the support of ethical animal research. I believe being a Veterinary surgeon would provide a career that is both challenging and rewarding in a changing…show more content…
My zestfulness for helping animals led to volunteering at various animal shelters for the past 3 years in the United Arab Emirates including Posh Paws, Feline Friends and the Stray Dogs Center. My work with them has included fostering kittens in my home, raising money through book sales, rehoming and helping in finding permanent homes and visiting their shelters to interact with the animals on a one-to-one basis. These shelters specifically care for those small animals that have been abandoned or have faced some sort of abuse, which makes them very vulnerable and sensitive to their surroundings. Having seen a drastic change in this nature of the neglected cats and dogs, it is my belief that through love and care we can positively change the life of animals. Hence builds a greater desire to relieve such creatures of their

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