Personal Statement: What I Want To Be When You Grow Up

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What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?
For the longest time I’ve rejected the idea that I would have a job in the medical field. As a child, I was rebellious, stubborn, and wanted to be unique. Since the majority of my relatives are involved in health related jobs, careers in that field were heavily enforced upon me. I wanted a career that I would enjoy. Knowing that everyday I would revel in my job. However, my family shoving all these health care jobs down my throat made me loathe the medical field. Their attempts in persuading me only made me resentful. I didn’t want to grow up being what was expected of me. So I put on an anti-healthcare blindfold and ignored the idea of studying a program in the health department. However, my elbow injury gave me a different perspective of health care.
The injury happened during cheer practice my
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Therapists have to see their patient in multiple sessions. Besides knowing the patient’s name and injury, physical therapists can learn more about their patients during their sessions. While helping their patients get better, physical therapists can have friendly conversations with their patients and get to know them better. The relationship between physical therapists and their clients is so strong, and that’s what interest me most about this major. I would enjoy a job where I can informally talk to my clients, gaining a good relationship with them, while improving their injury. And in my opinion, physical therapy is that career.
It never occurred to me that I’d want to study pre-physical therapy. Studying to become a physical therapist allows me to be able to get to know others while helping them get better. If it weren’t for my elbow injury, I would not have taken off my anti-healthcare blindfold. By untying the blindfold, I can see the opportunities physical therapy offers. And with the blindfold gone, I embrace the medical

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