Personal Statement: Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

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Picture this, you are at your college’s sports game, and it’s the championship game. Your team isn’t doing so hot and they are expected to lose the game. However the star athlete of the team does the unexpected and ties up the game. Everyone is going berserk and the fans’ hopes are up. Then, within the next couple plays the same star player scores again destroying the entire other team to win his college the game and the trophy. In the end, after the game, the only thing he receives is a couple congratulations and thank you or two when he could 've gotten some money for playing the game, winning the college the trophy and representing the college while also selling school merchandise. However, no one cares enough to pay the one doing everything because it will chip away at their bank account. “If I would have had the chance to take care of my family through college, I probably would have stayed in…show more content…
If the players or team aren’t very talented then tickets won’t sell, jerseys won’t sell and college won’t be supported, therefore making less money. However, if the team is very exceptional then the opposite occurs the college receives a glorious payday every weekend. Many others agree that college players should be paid as well. In a survey conducted at Hillsborough Middle School, in Pod 7/8c, 14 out of 20 students believe that college athletes should be paid. The other 30% of students believe that college athletes shouldn’t be paid only because of their age, only being in highschool and because they haven’t made it big. One student Logan Klaproth believes, “They[student athletes] should be paid because they advertise the sports teams and merchandise for the school yet the athletes are not getting paid a single cent. Furthermore, since they are paying for college at the same time being paid for playing sports would help them pay student loans and their college
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