Personal Statement: Why I Am Competitive

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Why I Am Competitive “I’m just competitive. It doesn’t matter what it is. I want to win.” is a quote that describes me very well. I’ve always had the will to win. Ever since I was really young, I was raised in a competitive family. My uncles, aunts, cousins, and everyone else was raised this way. From the perspective of a girl who was born and raised by a very competitive family, I do not like to lose. As I got older, I realized where I got my competitiveness from. I got my will to compete from my parents and my grandpa. When I started softball at age 6, my dad was the coach. Ever since then, my dad has coached me and pushed me to be the best. One quote my grandpa always told me was, “If you’re not first, you’re last.” I’ve always believed this quote and strived to be the best. My family is so competitive that when we play corn hole, the rules are really strict. In my family, we do not play for fun, we play for money. I am glad my family is very competitive so I can win their money. Sometimes being competitive isn’t always fun to me. I tend to get frustrated easily if I’m not winning. For instance, last year during ASA softball, our record was 7 wins to 8 losses. That was my first…show more content…
I get so competitive in volleyball and softball, but I enjoy the thrill. Sports are very important to me, but I hate that losing comes with the game. All of my sports have very talented and athletic players that love to win. Last year’s volleyball team made it to the finals in WPIAL but lost to Freeport. Even though I didn’t play varsity, I still super supportive and excited we made it that far. They fought to the very last point and they were very upset that they lost. This year we lost those 6 seniors that played and they were very good. Even though we lost those seniors, we still have very talented upper classmen. One of my teammates said, “Talent never graduates.” I can tell she wants to win as bad as I
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