Personal Statement: Why I Love Sports Medicine

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Sports Medicine What do you want your future job to be? I want to specialize in sports medicine. There are multiple reasons I want to be a sports medicine doctor. The three reasons are I love sports, the job is interesting to me, and I want to provide for my family. Sports medicine is definitely the career for me. It may be a tough challenge, but I can do it with God. Sports medicine is the career for me because I love sports. One reason I love sports is because I have played them my entire life. While I play, I tried to glorify God in how I play. I want to do that in my future job as well. Sports are also a very great way to stay out of trouble. Sports are also something I enjoy and please me. Sports will always be a huge part of my life.…show more content…
Some people hate their job, but if I am in this profession, I would enjoy my job. I like to figure questionable out such as a diagnosis or something like that. There are certain education you need to become one. You need a 4-year bachelor degree, and 2 years of Medical school. You need a degree in Osteopathic Medicine. You also have to perform well on the MCAT test. The schooling sound hard, but if I put my mind to it I can do it. A quote I like says “the best medicine is to teach people how to not need it”. The main reason I want to be this is because I want to provide for my family. I am the man of the family, so I need to find a excellent job to support my family. I also think being in sports medicine can help athletes a ton. “As sports doctors, it is our goal to help every athlete achieve their maximum level of performance.”” Whether it is helping prevent injuries, or treating current ones, we focus on getting you back to what you love, competition.” That is my favorite quote about sports medicine. It means a great deal to me because I am an athlete and I know what it feels like to be injured. Altogether, sports medicine is the career for me. I love sports. The job interests me. Most of all, I want to provide for my family. I think I will make a great sports doctor. Anything is possible with
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