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1.) My dream job throughout my childhood has always been to do something to help people. There was always and still is a variety of choices to choose from such as a teacher, counselor, social worker and many more. My dream profession after careful thought and consideration is to be a social worker but I would like to expand on it and open up my own foster home. I would like to open up my own foster home to take care, to help, and give the children a safe place to live that can 't get adopted instead of having them on the street or somewhere worse. I 'm not sure what my title would be but I 'm guessing Foster care prevention, family preservation, or CPS (child protective services).I will have to find out what my title would be. I would work…show more content…
My work I believe will have more ethical pull than the few friends that I have because of a few reasons. One being a personal reason which is I was an eight month old baby with a severe skull fracture and bronchial infection when I was placed in foster care. When I was adopted at two years old I had fears of water, my shoes were twice as small as my feet, I had fear of someone taking my food, and I had a few behavioral and mental health problems. I would freak out on my adopted parents if I didn 't have a doll and baby blanket ( I still have them today) that were given to me by a little boy ( 3yrars old) that was in the same foster home as me. The doll and blanket were my security because the little boy kept me safe and I grew attached to him. Another reason is because I have always had the passion and desire to help others. So in a but shell my ethical pull as a social worker would be the value of service,dignity, worth of each individual, and integrity. As a person a strong ethical pull would be my emotions. I tend to get attached really easily and I have to learn to not allow my feelings or my emotions to get in the way of a decision that I need to make. I have to try to get my emotions and decision s or reasons to work in

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