Personal Statement: Working With Children

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Whether it’s babysitting, volunteering with children, or spending time with my three younger siblings, I have had a lot of experience working with children. I began my babysitting experience with my siblings, then family friends and neighbors. But, my best and favorite customers have been my parents that frequently have me care for my two sisters (ages 10 and 3) and brother (age 7) and we enjoy playing games, reading stories, and making art and crafts; also, I help them do homework, feed them meals and put them to sleep. Having younger siblings, I’ve truly grown to love working with children, and especially teaching them. At school, I am the vice-president of our Kids in Science and Engineering club, which is dedicated to spreading passion and knowledge of science and engineering to elementary school students. We work with after school programs and every other month take a group of 20 club members to conduct experiments and demonstrations with students. My fellow club members and I always look forward to these trips as we have loads of fun with the children who are…show more content…
I worked with all the color groups and spent time in both the art and science classes, so I’m flexible and open to working with any class or age group. Also, I always try to bring positivity, and enthusiasm whenever I work with children. Though working with kids can be lovely and great fun, I’m quite aware of the importance of putting safety first. Through my experience, I have become patient, understanding, and learned how to talk and treat kids to get them to cooperate when they’re in a negative mood or refusing to listen. But, one of the best aspects I find working with children is forming bonds and friendships and I put forth an effort to be a comforting friend, but also conscious to serve as a good role model to the children I’m
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