Personal Story Of A Black Girl-Personal Narrative

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Growing up my parents instilled in me that I was beautiful and my skin was beautiful. It was clear to me that everyone else didn’t feel the same way. I went to a couple different schools throughout my life starting with a predominantly black school then a predominantly white school then a very diverse school and at each one I still experienced colorism. At the black school I was not liked because I was darkskin and my hair was kinky and I was just not as pretty as the light skinned girls. At the white school I already felt different so I changed my hair I began to straighten it and talk different. I wanted to blend in but no matter what I did I was different. I stuck out like a sore thumb. Forget having a crush because no ones likes mean angry black girls. I find myself to be a very fragile girl and I want to protect myself so I don’t walk around crying all the time. So I began to put on my hard shell. They couldn’t hurt me if I didn’t give them the chance to be near me. By the time I got to high school I was then at a very diverse school. I had my protective shell of anger with me and I was ridiculed with in the first month of school. I realized there is no where I can go that won’t make me feel this way. Not only was I darkskin but I was an oreo because of the way I talked now. I was an angry black girl because no one thought I was beautiful or that I deserved respect or that I should be treated just the same as the light skin girl with long curly hair.…show more content…
Advertising and television make this problem even worse all they do is promote this idea that light is better. Advertising is powerful and influences people and shows them what beauty is and what imperfections are. Advertisers “ research the facts needed for creating advertising, and strategize the best messages and methods to use to reach their target audience”(Ad Match). These Ads
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