Personal Strengths And Weaknesses Essay

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My Personal Strenghts and Potential weaknesses in my Role as a Credit Analyst:

• I am a positive person and like to associate myself with positive people.
• I enjoy what I am doing and is comfortable in the supportive role behind the leader.
• I find it easy to see the potential and worth in others and this awareness inspires me to give my best.
• I am naturally drawn to other people and this allows me to tune into interactions within my circle in an intuitive way.
• I am empathetic and generous as well as compassionate, caring and concerned about others needs.
• I like helping people in a resourceful way.
• I am very punctual.
• I take pride in my work and strive to ensure there are minimal mistakes in order for the tasks not to take long to complete.
• I have the ability to act with confidence.

• I sometimes find it difficult to resist helping people even when they don’t want my help.
• I tend to become self-sacrifical who cannot do enough for others and in the process wearing myself out.
• I tend to have trouble saying “NO” to requests and sometimes become stressed by trying to help others too much.
• Feeling unappreciated is a trigger for me and I sometimes tend to feel sadness and self pity.
• I tend to be anxious when I am under pressure.
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The ability to analyse situations and resolve issues helps me to be more emotionally resilient. I am able to cope when working under pressure and handle high workloads through prioritizing of what is of more importance. I always strive to complete tasks before deadlines and that helps me a lot to minimize stress levels. Regardless of my current circumstances I feel resilient enough to process and deal with all aspects in my life on an emotional level. I am happy at work and enjoy what I am doing most of the time. I feel able to cope with the amount of stress and responsibility I

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