Personal Strengths And Weaknesses

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Ideal people do not exist and this statement is essential to recognize. Probably, every person has particular professional or personal weaknesses that prevent the development and implementation of personality and life goals. However, wise people are ready to recognize their weak features so there is the possibility to conquer them. Those who ignore weaknesses keep repeating mistakes while leading the unfulfilled lives. Therefore, the key goal of self-improvement is the evaluation of personal weakness. The statement of the fallibilities of an individual would help to withdraw them or to alter them into strengths, which would benefit the quality of life of an individual. Problem Statement A significant option to overcome the weakness is to find a new way to treat it. Personal weakness is not a diagnosis, which is immutable, and there is no reason to hate the personal self. Even the strongest people have their weak possessions, but the knowledge of how to hide them gives no possibility for society to take advantage of them. Modern society condemns weak personal features wanting to establish an ideal strong community. Therefore, the fight with weak features has turned into the primary task for every representative of the outer world. However, the nature of weakness is not those to shame, but those to develop. People just attack the weaknesses, when analyzing what they would like to change or improve in personal character. The society influences the domination of the view that
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