Personal Strengths And Weaknesses

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7.1 Strengths and weaknesses
Before starting the internship I had to evaluate my personal strengths and weaknesses. My strengths are that I am a very flexible person. I quickly adapt to new situations and tasks. Another strength is receiving feedback. This is never a problem for me and I am eager to hear feedback in order to apply this in my work. However, I also have weaknesses. The first one is that I am a chaotic person who often forgets certain activities. I find it difficult to reflect on a personal level and my written presentation can be improved. Another weakness is that I am not very experienced with excel.
7.2 Personal learning goals
In table 2 I made an overview of the feedback I gathered over these last 10 weeks. The start is the 0-measurement. These are the points that I wanted to work on personally based on my personal strengths and weaknesses. For me it was difficult to gather these due to the fact that I haven’t worked in an environment like this. The main objectives I created were:
• Working according to a schedule, written presentation & personal reflection.
Based on these objectives I formulated the following personal learning goals using the SMART method.
• I will work according to a day-to-day activity schedule for 10 weeks in excel to ensure that I complete every activity required fully.
• I will decrease my spelling mistakes to zero in writing input for the website, facebook and twitter by checking my input one extra time before forwarding it.
• I

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