Cardiovascular Science Personal Statement Sample

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I want to further my study in this course because it is thrilling and rapidly- moving subject area, that is highly pertinent to the problem facing by society today. As far as I concern, cardiovascular disease is one of the popular cause of death. I am keen to learn more and involve in the latest advances in cardiovascular research. Over the years of studying, my interest in this area has increased. Moreover, I found that this course is challenging, rewarding and inspiring topic. How the human body works, repairs itself and can be improved especially related to cardiovascular always make me interested into it. This is why studying cardiovascular science at master level is an ideal choice for me. Being
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Moreover, I am looking forward to a different approaches to a geographical at the foreign country. I specially appreciate the wide module arranged by this university which will help me to create a brighter future. It is also a university that famous with high quality of teaching and research. I am attracted to University of Glasgow as it has been internationally recognized as top 100 universities in the world. Apart from that, it has a professional department in law, medicine, veterinary medicine and dentistry. I am impressed to know that University of Glasgow has the oldest and largest library in Europe. Additionally, it has more than 30,000 electronic journals and school of Medical and Veterinary are regularly appraised as the best in United Kingdom. This will definitely help me once I entered the programme since I need to do a lot of research and…show more content…
During weekend I usually make myself busy with outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, and the most recent one was white water rafting. As a student, I believe that we should not only be active in the class but we need to explore the nature and surroundings. Besides, I am not effortlessly back off by any obstacles and believe that once you aimed for something you will be flabbergasted on how many problems or challenging obstacles can be overcome. I am steadfast, self-motivated, systematic and hardworking person. My leadership and communication skill complementing my academic performances. Due to that, I have been appointed as mainboard in Adventure and Recreational Club for a year. In several projects carried out throughout my degree, I was the team leader that responsible for building and leading our team. These help me to strengthen my skills to work with others and appreciate others’ ideas or
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