Personal Success Characteristics

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As one can see there are five areas in this chart. The largest and perhaps also most important fields in this chart are that one understands himself and the environment. It has already been mentioned in the paragraph above that one may first need to understand himself before being able to grow in any direction (Proctor 1984). In this Bachelor Paper the main focus is on personal success characteristics and how these traits can be trained. Internal traits determine the way how one behaves, talks and acts. By doing a guided self-analysis check the trainer asks the trainee critical questions to find out what makes a person tick and why one perceives certain situations in the way they do. Some very destructive thought patterns such as fear, guilt,…show more content…
Every person does need to know where he wants to go and what he wants to achieve before being able to achieve anything in business and life (Latham & Frayne 1989). The trainer needs to support the trainee in finding its purpose and goal which needs to come from the inside of a person. Problems may occur if a person decides to perform or to do something because of external reasons as in this case the powerful intrinsic motivation that is so vital for achievement in business and life may be missing. By finding one´s purpose in business a certain degree of imagination may be required as one needs to imagine himself doing something what he passionately loves and enjoys doing. It might be relatively easy to develop and improve upon the success oriented traits such as persistence, organized planning, decision making, specialized knowledge etc. if one has a strong intrinsic motivation. Furthermore the trainer may assist the trainee in defining a mission statement of how one may reach his objective in business which means that there needs to be a description of how one may need to behave in order to get where he wants to be. By defining such a way to behave the trainer needs to make sure that the described behavior is in alignment with the internal success factors mentioned in previous chapters. In addition the trainer needs to monitor the behavior from the trainee from time…show more content…
Research has clearly shown that nowadays the most important areas that need to be trained are the so called “Soft- skill Development, Personality Development, Interpersonal Relationship, Problem solving techniques, Managerial and Supervisory Training Program, quality improvement programs” etc. (Pallavi 2013, 42). People with a higher education do generally have a very good hard skill knowledge, however, unfortunately very often little attention is paid to the personality development of people even though it may be extremely important. Research by Pallavi (2013) has clearly shown that a company or organization profits enormously from personality growth development programmes as employees, managers etc. are more balanced at the workplace, more productive and tend to have less tensions and problems after having further developed their personality and attitude. In general the entire market value of an organization tends to increase if personality training has been completed

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