Personal Success: Different Characteristics Of A Successful Person

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Personal Success Personally, I believe that all successful individuals share similar characteristics and qualities. What they choose to value and prioritize before others is a clear reflection of who they may be. For instance someone who values efficiency, will often complete tasks as quickly as possible. A successful person often follows a code of conduct that they have developed over their life. More commonly known as morals, they are a excellent representation of an individual 's experiences. Certain skills can be more effective than others leading to success, however a balanced range of expertise will always prosper under the right circumstances. Success can be defined in many different ways, however I feel it is measured by constant self improvement. In order to feel like I am one step closer to being successful, I believe I should value the right things such as honesty, creativity and optimism. I believe these values are very important because I would want to be surrounded by people with these personality traits in my everyday life. Success can only be achieved if I know what kind of person I am so that I can have faith in myself. First, if I am honest with myself and those around me, I will also be a very happy and positive person. Having nothing to hide gives me the power to relax and find more time to do the things that make me happy. By being optimistic about future endeavours, I know that I will be successful. The motivation that I have allows me to always look

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