Reflective Essay On Personal Success

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Personal Success

Personally, I believe that all successful individuals share similar characteristics and qualities. What they choose to value and prioritize before others is a clear reflection of who they may be. For instance someone who values efficiency, will often complete tasks as quickly as possible. A successful person often follows a code of conduct that they have developed over their life. More commonly known as morals, they are a excellent representation of an individual 's experiences. Certain skills can be more effective than others leading to success, however a balanced range of expertise will always prosper under the right circumstances. Success can be defined in many different ways, however I feel it is measured by constant
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Critical thinking plays a large role in determining success. To be able to analyze a situation and further understand it, I must define the content and evaluate it. By first defining the content, I provide myself with a general understanding of what I am learning. Once I have defined whatever data it may be, evaluating it gives me the opportunity to go in depth and learn more. This is a key component to success because I expand my knowledge as well as give others the opportunity to share theirs. Communicating with others is a skill I feel is absolutely the most important. To be knowledgeable but lack communication skills could mean losing many opportunities. By learning to listen effectively and respond within an appropriate medium, is a very useful foundation for future partnerships. Lastly, collaborating with others will give me the opportunity to practice and share my ideas. Without working with others in a well manner, such as being rude or dictating the situation, I could potentially lose possible opportunities that are necessary to complete my goals. To avoid this, I must learn to listen to others ideas and come to a consensus everyone can follow. By using these three learning skills, I believe that I can accomplish many of my goals alongside with others, helping not only myself, but them as
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