Personal Successment: Personal Statement For Electrical Engineering

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Every human being has their own career aspirations and mine is to be a Electrical engineer, a dream that I held ever since I was in school due to my deep interest in technical fields such as electrical and electronics. Although, electrical engineer is a difficult career to achieve because it have many obstacles and challenges to be met, but I am sure that I am able to make full preparations for the realization of my dreams.

The main preparation I need to prepare is knowledge. Knowledge in Electrical engineering is essential in order for me to become a successful engineer as I am required to be able to identify, study and solve the problem that I encountered in implementing the knowledge that I have gained in university. For example, my experience as a student already proven to me that theoretical knowledge I learned in class like structures and machinery, engineering, circuit theory and software not only important for the exams, but it is also important for me to implement it during my troubleshooting analysis so that machine problem might be solved at the required set of time. Finally, the knowledge in the field of Electrical will able to help me in identifying, study and solve the problems I will encounter during work.

Secondly, I need to build a culture of good interaction through communication and teamwork among members to help finish our tasks. For example, through my involvement in the school and in university as Jawatankuasa Kolej Mahasiswa Tuanku Canselor, has

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